G&G Combat Machine AEG CM16 Predator with ETU

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G&G Combat Machine AEG CM16 Predator with ETU


The CM16 Predator really is the predator of the airsoft world, with an incredible build quality, very high quality internal parts along with a Mosfet ETU, makes for a rifle with some serious fire power. 

Velocity Feet Per Second (FPS): 310
Gearbox Version (GBV): 2
Min Length: 715mm
Max Length: 810mm
Battery Type: Nunchuck 9.6v
Weight (with Magazine): 2500g
Inner Barrel Length: 260mm


Ambidextrous Mag Catch
Ambidextrous Tactical Cocking Lever
Ergonomic Grip
Detachable Flip-Up Front & Rear Sights
Electronic Trigger Unit - Means faster trigger response, prevents locking during rapid single shot and prevents trigger burns. 
3rds Burst Mode
Custom Shaped Anodized Metal KeyMod Rail System
Rear Sling Loop
Ergonomic 6 Position Crane Stock - Now with more battery space, extended rubber pad for extra comfort and an extra battery compartment for x3 CR123A batteries.

* G&G's new ETU includes technology that will automatically stop the gun from operating if it detects the battery voltage is too low. Once you disconnect the battery it will likely still operate in guns without this technology, as those products will allow the battery to drain completely flat. This means when using a G&G gun with ETU, your battery must be fully charged or the automatic cut off feature will kick in. This feature is designed to protect your battery as well as the advanced control board inside. To avoid disappointment ensure your batteries are discharged and freshly charged before use. This is known as cycling your batteries. This technique also improves battery performance by promoting battery life and memory.

* This product requires a 9.6v battery to operate. Lower voltage batteries will not be recognised by the ETU. 

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